Compact Stationary Vacuum Systems

Substantial savings can be realized by installing a compact central vacuum system from Dustcontrol. Following are some example installations:

All grinders and finishing tools in an FRP production facility are equipped with suction casings and connected to a central vacuum system. Capture of the dust at source contributes to an improved working environment, higher productivity – shorter clean-up, cleaner process and improved product quality.

Cleaning of saws, mills, lathes and other process machines with a centralized system. More efficient production, cleaner machines, faster production, efficient lubrication use and a higher return on prompt scrap through more effective collection. Your people spend less time on tasks that do not add to the bottom line.

Extraction of chips and lube directly at the source: Cleaner parts thoughout the production process, and a cleaner environment on the shop floor. Cleaner machines mean better functioning lube systems, better function means cooler running tools. Cooler tools mean better parts and longer tool life.

Fume extraction with extraction integrated welding guns. Reduced exposure to fume, healthier welders, higher productivity.

Vacuum cleaning systems and air cleaning equipment in bakeries reduces airborne flour dust that is dangerous to health and can cause asthma: The health and safety regulations are met and at the same time the workplace environment and overall efficiency is improved. Fewer health problems from employees will affect insurance rates positively.

Extraction/vacuum systems in pharmaceutical production for source extraction in the process and for cleaning of production machinery and areas. To eliminate hazardous dusts generated during pharmaceutical production is a must from a health perspective as well as a product quality issue.

DC 11-Module

The DC 11-Module is an optimized stand-alone unit for source extraction and industrial cleaning. It can manage just about every kind of dust and chip you can imagine, and when properly equipped, your coolants and emulsions as well.

With the DC 11-Module we deliver a complete central unit from the factory, plug and play – easy to install. The DC 11-Module family is modularly build, hence it can be tailor made exactly after your demands.

It has been designed to service up to six normal extraction points or several cleaning outlets at a time. We have worked hard to get the standard sound level to just 65 dB(A).

For energy saving and reliable remote control of operation, the DC 11-Module is also available with the DC Green System.

Module 5,5 kW

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Module 7,5 kW

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Module 11 kW P

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Module 11 kW S

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DC 11-Module XL

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DC 3800 Stationary

The DC 3800 Stationary package is intended for installations in (for example) industrial premises, garage workshops and schools. The dust-separator and turbo pump are mounted on a common chassis.

The DC 3800 Stationary package has flow capacity for one work place at a time, for example a 6” cup stone or cleaning with 38 mm attachments. The filter is cleaned manually with a patented reverse pulse mechanism. The unit can be equipped with a vacuum relief valve to allow cooling air to the pump if all outlets are closed. The package is complete with tubing in three metre lengths, bends, branch pipes and connection joints.

Installation is simple and the tubing system is easily adaptable to most sites. Starting and stopping of the central unit occurs automatically. Starting occurs when any of the outlets are opened. The central unit will shut down when all the outlets are closed.

DC 3800 50 Hz

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DC 3800 60 Hz

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